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You Can Stop Struggling Now!

I have heard from so many clients that they struggle to do things to put themselves first. They often feel like they don’t have the time or believe that it is being selfish. Can I ask you a question? In the grand scheme of things, is it hard for you to dedicate just one hour to yourself a week? Why is that? You’ve set so many goals and yet struggle each month to even get close to reaching your goals. What happened to that self-care routine you were supposed to have? Is it gone now? I want to see you win and to help you stop struggling to put yourself first. Let’s work on changing that by just changing our perspective a bit.

1. Change your perception of you. Would you allow a best friend to neglect themselves or their goals? If you saw someone struggling, wouldn’t you help them? Keep that same energy with yourself. Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you and you will do everything that you can to give you the best. I know it may feel silly at first, but you need to know and believe that you are worthy of being taken care of. I don’t care what you have been through, you of all people deserve your best.

2. Plan ahead. We often struggle because we put things off and don’t have a plan at all of how we are going to achieve anything. Do you have goals that you have set for yourself? Are they written down and somewhere that you are going to see them every day? Your written goals are a roadmap to the life that you say that you want. How will you know where you are going without a map? Use these goals to plan ahead for the week and review them daily so you have a clear path to the life that you want.

3. Get help immediately. I know that it can sometimes be hard to ask for help. But the truth is, it's even harder to continue to struggle unnecessarily. Do you struggle with holding yourself accountable? You need to get into a community that can help you and provide you with solutions and help. It may be a referral for an awesome house cleaner or the best place to get facials. They may introduce you to someone who can help you in your business or excel on your job. At the end of the day, we grow in a thriving and loving community. We were not created to do this life alone so please stop trying.

If you are looking for a safe space to grow and stop struggling, come and join our community. The Date Night Club is a private, safe space for high achieving, professional women to put themselves first and enjoy life. We would love to help you thrive so join us today!

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