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Failure IS An Option? How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

When we hear the word failure, we often look at it as a bad thing. A desolate place that we can’t escape. But have you truly thought about what failure is? Its basic definition is a lack of success. In business or professionally all it means is that the strategy or activity that you used to accomplish a goal was not successful. So what do we need to do? Try a new or revised strategy. Let’s talk about a few ways that we can change our view of failure.

1. Change your perspective. When we fail at something we usually beat ourselves up about why the thing didn’t work. The truth is, it has no reflection on your worth and who you are. It just means that this particular strategy didn’t work or achieve what you wanted it to achieve. Begin by removing yourself and your worth from what happened. You need to analyze the strategy and detach yourself from the thing.

2. Do a thorough review. Put together a few questions to help you put things in the proper perspective. Did you use any tools to measure whether it was successful or not? Did you do the thing long enough to develop something to measure? If you did it one time and it didn’t work you do not have anything to measure. The idea is to figure out why it didn’t work and where you need to adjust and make improvements. Use these questions when you are working on a new project or even beginning new habits. It will ensure that you are properly measuring what you are doing.

3. Prepare yourself to try again. When you give up, you won’t be able to exhaust your opportunities to create something new and learn something new. You cannot gain wisdom without applied knowledge and understanding. Failure helps you to build character and resilience so that you can continually gain wisdom and experience. If you are to be a great leader and help others and live a fulfilling life, you need both of these traits.

4. Get a coach to help you with your mindset. None of us are beyond help or accountability. Even the greatest and riches people have mentors and coaches who are able to help them adjust their perspectives and think outside the box. As a coach, it is what I do with my clients as well as for myself. Having the accountability and fresh eyes on a situation help you to achieve your goals and the life you want faster because you get to skip all of the unnecessary guessing. Research and get a life coach and as always, you can book a complimentary discovery call with me if you desire to work with me. The next time you fail at something, look at it as an opportunity for growth, expansion of your understanding and thoughts, and bringing you closer to success.

Are you currently unhappy in your singleness and unsure of what to do next? Recently divorced and need help getting back to you and moving forward? Feeling used in your personal and professional relationships? I want to help you evolve and live the life you desire and deserve. Book a complimentary discovery call with me and let’s chat about how to bring your desires into reality. Visit

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