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Who Are You? How To Live Your Best Life Now!

So many of us have been living by other people’s standards and who they say we should be. Be it a parent who is essentially living vicariously through you or want you to be who they envision you to be. Be it our jobs who define our worthiness by our promotions or paychecks. Be it former lovers who constantly told us who we should be. Be it social media with all of their hustle culture and if you ain’t did this by now you’re doing it wrong. But who are you really? What is the small voice inside of you telling you that you are? We often end up in bad relationships because we weren’t being ourselves.

· Knowing who you are gives you an identity. It will help you to set standards and reflects your thoughts about your worthiness. How you carry yourself will attract the person that you believe you deserve. So, what are your current beliefs about yourself? Journal about that today.

· Take some time to get to know you. That is what your single season is for. It is an opportunity for you to define who and what you are. For example, I learned my calling in my singleness and that also helped me to define the type of man that I needed in order to fulfill my calling. Not every man can get me where I need to go and it is important that I knew this before I start dating so I wouldn't end up in heartache.

· How do you get to know you? Ask yourself the following questions: What do I love most about me? How can I show the world and myself more of that? What activity gives me the most happiness? What activity makes me happy and also allows me to help others? What do I believe my calling is? What is my comfort zone and what can I do to get out of it more? What do I do in my free time? What can I start doing in my free time that would make me happy? Journal the answers to these questions.

When you learn who you are you can live your life boldly and fearlessly. It will attract the person that you need to fulfill your best life and someone who will keep you growing. We always want to be our best selves not just for others but for us too.

I want to help you get back to you. We can start your journey of getting back to you when you grab The Single Squad Bundle. It includes a 60 minute coaching session with me as well as my ebook, Date Thyself: The Ultimate Guide to Winning in Your Single Season.

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