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How to Stay Confident During Your Journey to Finding Fulfillment

When we are on any journey, we can sometimes lose confidence in what we’re doing. We can fall off of the routine we had, there may have been some type of disruption, or we just give up all together. I want to help you to get back on track and build your confidence to continue on your journey of fulfillment. Check out these quick tips to help you continue your journey.

1. Start over. If you have fallen off or given up, I want you to start over. Review everything that happened up until that point so that you can remember why you are on this journey in the first place. If you need to, create new goals based on where you need to go in your journey. You may have had the wrong goals to begin with, so it is ok to start fresh if you need to.

2. Keep a journal or notebook so that you can track your progress. You may have fallen off because you weren’t tracking what you were doing. When you track it, you’ll be able to set milestones and when you reach them, take time to celebrate. Who doesn't love to celebrate?

3. Celebrate the progress that you have so far. We often want to celebrate the $10k goal that was reached but don’t celebrate the first $100 that went towards the goal in the first place. Celebrate every milestone. This will help to build your confidence and belief that you can get it done.

4. Have someone to hold you accountable. We shouldn’t be doing life alone. We need someone that can hold us accountable to what we say that we want and be there to celebrate with us when we do meet our goals. Who is that for you?

Remember that consistency, tracking, and measuring is key to building your confidence in your journey. I want to help you to build and keep your confidence while on your journey to fulfillment. Join our group, The Date Night Club! It is an online, safe space for high achieving professional women to let their hair down, get poured into, and guidance in your journey to fulfillment. We have monthly online meetups so that we can grow as a community as well as other perks. We will be there with you through each milestone and to help you celebrate. You just have to take the first step by joining our group. Let’s get you back on track today!

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