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How to Maintain Boundaries in Your Relationships

Boundaries are essential to how we thrive in and have great relationships. They are not meant to be walls to keep people and things out but are meant to help us to have great relationships so we can enjoy others with clear directions. We are meant to be in relationships whether plutonic or romantic but we want to have the best relationships we can by applying boundaries.

1. To maintain your boundaries, you have to be clear and upfront about what they are. How will someone know if something offends you or something you just plain don’t like unless you voice it up front. Don’t be afraid to say what it takes to maintain a great relationship with you. Remember, it's not meant to hurt feelings but to keep us all safe.

2. Leave room for grace in your relationships. None of us are perfect and some things take time getting used to. Give others grace especially when the relationship is new. Give yourself grace for when you cross boundaries as well. You also have to learn what other people's boundaries are so we want to clear in how we communicate including how well you listen.

3. Draw the line when appropriate. If they don’t respect your boundaries even after coaching them a few times, it maybe time for you to keep some distance so that you won’t become angry and lash out. Speak what needs to be said and move on. Its ok to let go of what isn’t serving you.

I want to help you to build and keep your boundaries while on your journey to fulfillment. Join our group, The Date Night Club! It is an online, safe space for high achieving professional women to let their hair down, get poured into, and get guidance in your journey to fulfillment. We have monthly online meetups so that we can grow as a community as well as other perks. We will be there with you every step of the way.

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