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How To Heal After A Breakup

I know what it is like to experience the heartache of a breakup. You feel confused about what happened and in some instances, it can be difficult to move on. But if you want to enjoy your single season and prepare for the relationship that is best for you, you have to heal first. Check out these 4 tips on how to heal after a breakup.

1. Recall the situation as it was. In order to begin healing, you have to gain an understanding of why the situation happened. Were there signs that were missed or ignored? Recall those things so that you can receive the clarity and knowledge of the lessons that you are to learn from the situation. It will prevent you from repeating the same mistakes again.

2. Forgive that person. This is a hard one but absolutely necessary. Forgiving the person releases you from the situation and the trauma that it caused. It releases them from being attached to you. We forgive others because we want to be forgiven as well when we make mistakes. It does not justify what they did but it does release you from their grips of power that they have over you when you hold on to unforgiveness.

3. Forgive yourself. This is where journaling, prayer, and meditation come in. First, journal or write a letter about your feelings. Seeing it on paper will give you a greater understanding of how you feel so you know what areas need healing. Then, pray about how you’re feeling so that you can release the negative energy and receive the joy you deserve. It may be helpful to write out your prayer first so that you can remain focused. Finally, meditate on Psalm 55:22. It will help you to move on and release the negativity.

4. Move on. You can’t focus on the present or future if you’re looking back in the past. What that person does with their life is their business. Do not be offended because they moved on. If they haven’t changed, they have become someone else’s problem. Remember that people change when they are ready not because you want them to. Look forward to the beauty of a new beginning and know that you are now armed with a right heart and understanding now. Give yourself permission to move on for good and receive the joy of a loving relationship that lies ahead.

I want to help you get back to you. We can start your journey of healing when you grab The Single Squad Bundle. It includes a 60 minute coaching session with me as well as my ebook, Date Thyself: The Ultimate Guide to Winning in Your Single Season.

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