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How to Conquer Loneliness Now!

I have found that loneliness has more to do with your state of mind and what you are doing in life than it has to do with being in a relationship. You can be in a relationship and still be lonely. We often feel lonely because we are idle and have a lot of time on our hands. Our schedule may only be filled with work and tv. And honestly, that is not a healthy or fun way to live. To truly live and conquer our loneliness we have to have purpose in our life and do things that make us happy. Remember, your happiness is your job and it cannot be delegated. You have the power to make your life enjoyable and you also have the power to conquer your loneliness. Here are a few ways that you can conquer your loneliness.

1. Figure out your calling or purpose. It will give you excitement, help you to meet others because you will be serving them, and get you out of a rut. For me, it is coaching and speaking. Both give me an opportunity to serve others, meet new people, and do what I love. Doing what you do best not only gives you purpose but could also put you in the path of the person that is for you.

2. Have goals. We often feel lonely because we have too much time on our hands. Your mind will take you into a whirlwind of negative thoughts and "what ifs" if left unchecked. Having goals builds your confidence and gives you a sense of achievement. Not only that but it helps you to spend your time wisely and improve your life overall. What do you want your life to look like? Creating and achieving your goals will help you to get there faster.

3. Have hobbies. Always wanted to learn to do something? Do it!!! There are so many ways to try new hobbies. You have YouTube university and many places to learn a new skill. You can use your hobbies to keep you from loneliness and learn and excel in a new skillset. Take a painting class, put together a puzzle, try interior design. What can you do to spark your creativity, focus on fun, and add to your have fun resume? Whatever you do, do it now. There is nothing more attractive then someone who is in love with their own life and has confidence.

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