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5 Ways to Avoid Life Burnout

Have you lacked the energy for the things that you used to love and enjoy? Or even just doing daily tasks make you feel burned out? I know exactly how you feel. It feels like you are empty and that you have nothing else to give. It’s not a good feeling at all. But you know that in this community we are all about fulfillment. When we lack fulfillment, we are usually empty and burned out. I want to tell you about 5 easy and simple ways that you can avoid the burnout.

1. Take a day off. One thing that I do to avoid burnout is take a day off from work once a month. Use this time to decompress, declutter your mind, and do things that bring you fulfillment. This is not a time to Netflix and chill but a time to be intentional with your self-care. You can spend the day journaling, working out, praying, and meditating. The point is to take time to decompress and release the stresses of life. This is a moment for you, not the kids or your significant other but you. Use this time wisely. It will help you to be better for you as well as those around you.

2. Utilize a self-care routine once a week. I say once a week at a minimum. This is intentional time to focus on you and your well-being. This could include spa time where you care for your body, watching something funny to lift your spirits, or coloring to clear your mind. This is a time for you to care for you mind, body, and spirit.

3. Keep your space clear by decluttering. Take 10 minutes each day to make your bed and keep your spaces free of clutter. When we are burned out, our thinking can be all over the place and our spaces reflect what is in our minds. Take time to put things in their place each day. Create an easy routine of doing this so that it is not overwhelming, but you get pleasure from seeing things coming into order. It also has a reward benefit because you will feel accomplished once you have completed this task.

4. Have a healthy morning and evening routine. We need time in the morning to get ready to take on the day and time in evening to decompress. Having a nonnegotiable routine allows us to fill ourselves back up and keep us first in our lives. I use my time to talk with God, reading and study something I want to learn, workout or stretch, and unwind from social media. Think about the things that you get you excited and ready for the day for your morning routine. For your evening routine, be sure to include things that help you to relax, decompress, and help you to fall asleep.

5. Have strong boundaries. Boundaries keep us safe and protects our time and space when we need it. Know when to say no and put yourself first so that you can be your best for you and others. The next time your phone rings and you're not ready to answer, don't. Get in the habit of using do not disturb on your phone and letting your no be no. It will help you to be more integral to you and those you are in relationship with.

If you are looking to dive deeper and take off the superwoman cape, grab a consultation with me. I am life coach whose mission is to help unfulfilled, overachieving women to fill their cups, put themselves first, and enjoy life. Click the link below and let's work together to help you get the most out of life!!

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