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4 Ways to Enjoy Your Singleness During the Holidays

It’s Christmas time!!! Christmas is my most favorite holiday. When I was in the military, if I didn’t have duty, I would spend it watching 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” with a glass of wine and a feast of all the same food I had for Thanksgiving. I spent most of my Naval career overseas so I was generally alone for the holidays. And that wasn’t a bad thing. I enjoyed the “me” time as I waited for New Years Eve, which to me, is a holiday for singles and party goers. But I genuinely enjoyed being single during this time. I know for some of you, this time of year is hard. I’m not gonna lie, I had some rough patches during this time of year as well. That is why I wanted to give 4 tips for enjoying this time of year as a single. Single only means individual, not lonely. At least, that’s what it can mean for you if you try these tips, remain positive, and trust God throughout this process. I promise you in the end, you’ll be thankful for this time to yourself because you can use it to grow, have a closer relationship with God, and enjoy the little things. So, I hope that you will try at least one of these tips. Feel free to let me know in the comments or on my other social media platforms what you have tried, how you liked it, and something you tried that I didn’t list. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you.

1. Be available. A lot of times when our friends ask us to come over or go out for a ladies’ night, we’ll make up excuses not to go. We’ll cancel plans and spend another night alone. Don’t this time. We need companionship and it doesn’t have to be a relationship to be fulfilling. So, when you’re tempted to say no, say yes. Say yes to the office Christmas party, to a Paint Nite event, to something you found on Eventbrite. Be available for your friends and yourself. You never know how you or your friends will be impacted.

2. Volunteer. One of the best ways to feel good yourself and better about your situation is to help someone else in need. Volunteer to feed the homeless, help out at an afterschool program, or even the USO. A ton of non-profits need all the help they can get and it is so rewarding. You can always reach out to your local churches to see where you could be of service as well.

3. Try a new workout class. Physical fitness is essential to your well-being and it also gives you a chance to interact with people. Plus, I’m sure we could use all the help we could get after those Thanksgiving meals that we have feasted on for the last 3 days. But seriously, it not only helps you physically but also mentally. It’s a stress reliever and helps you to get focused. Don’t wait until the new year, try it now. And you can find a ton of gyms with workout classes on Groupon if you’re ballin on a budget like me.

4. Have a “me” day. Spend some time journaling, relaxing, praying, meditating, and getting a massage. Whatever quality time with yourself means to you, do it. I usually go to the museum, stop by a food truck, or go to the outlet mall to window shop. And always end the day with a bubble bath and glass of wine. The idea is to relieve stress, get focused, and spend time with God. And to also get to know yourself. How can someone enjoy spending time with you if you don’t enjoy spending time with you? 

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