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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Singleness

Hey Single Squad!!! We often feel like we have nothing to do while we are single or that things would just be so much more meaningful if we had someone to share these moments with. But who better to have a moment with than you? I used to feel this way until I decided that life was for the living right now. And so what if I never met anyone. Was I supposed to live a mundane life of not trying new things or doing the things I love? That is not the kind of life I wanted to live. I realized that I had to make a decision to get the most out of my singleness but no one could make me do it. I had to do the work but I first had to change my mindset. What have you been holding yourself back from doing? What are you waiting on to happen so your life can begin? I want to encourage you to think about it and write down your answer so its not just in your head but you can see it and use it to be honest with yourself and make a change. To help you get started, here are three things that you can do to get the most out of your singleness.

Make a list of things that you have been wanting to do, but have been putting it off. Don’t wait for a relationship to do what you should already be doing. Even if a relationship is not your goal, what is stopping you? Singleness is the perfect time to explore your many talents and find purpose in what you are doing. That is where true satisfaction comes from. Not to mention all of the memories and happiness that you can be creating right now. Have you been putting off traveling? Its cheaper to travel for one person and you can do all the things on the trip that you want. I took my first cruise for my birthday by myself and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had. I met some awesome people and I did what I wanted on the excursions which was sometimes just relaxing. Want to start a business? I used to have a saying that when I eat, my whole house gets fed. As long as you are taking care of your bills and responsibilities, why not start the business? You don’t have to worry about being deterred from it and you can give your business the focus that it is going to need to get started. Take a look at your list and make a plan now to do what it is that your heart desires. I promise you won’t regret it.

Make yourself a priority. If this quarantine hasn’t taught me anything else, it has taught me that how I take care of myself affects my whole atmosphere. If I haven’t been eaten right, I feel too tired to serve and I don’t want to be bothered. If I don’t take care of my skin, I lose some of my confidence and don’t want to be seen. Caring for myself makes me a better person for me and how I affect others. What have you been neglecting to do that you know would help you better yourself? Has it been praying, meditation, spa days, reading instead of tv, fresh air, exercise, journaling, keeping a healthful routine? Whatever it is, don’t fret. Today is the perfect day to begin again. How well you treat you is how well you will treat others. It is up to you to make yourself a priority. What will you do to make yourself a priority today?

Make peace with your past. Now is the perfect time for healing. Do not neglect or skip this part. It is of the upmost importance because it determines how you will show up for you and for others. It also determines how much peace you really have. Healing makes you more confident and takes away the sore spots. You will then see life, situations, and people for who and what they are, allowing you to make a choice of how you experience them based on facts and not feelings. Feelings are fleeting and change direction like the wind. Receive healing and gain self-control so you can have true peace.

I hope that these ideas have helped you and allowed you to look at your singleness in a different way. Don’t forget to check out my 5-day challenge, “Are You Ready? The Single Squad’s Guide to Dating in 2020”. It is a free challenge that will give you tips on how to date in 2020. Click the link now to get your copy today!

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