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3 Steps to Jumpstart Your New Year BEFORE the New Year

I know I know, its only the beginning of December. And you’re probably thinking, “Well its only 30 more days until the New Year so it can wait”. Well I’m here to tell you that’s a huge mistake. Why wait? Did it make a difference at the beginning of this year? The answer is yes. Do you know why? It’s because it never happened anyway because you didn’t act when you thought about it. No plan, nothing written, just a thought or good idea passing through your mind. Now come on, you deserve better than that. You owe it to yourself to pursue something or even actually hit a goal or complete something. Trust me I am not exempt. Do you know how many times I have gotten excited about something, didn’t do anything about it but forget about it until someone else I know is either doing it, or it comes to mind again. Well, no more. Not for me or you. So now, you’re probably thinking, well then now what? I’ll tell you what. We’re going to get it together and right now. Why wait to pursue your passion or goals? There is no better time than the present. And we’re going to take these 3 action steps and run with them. The problem is we often never take action on the very things that can improve or change our lives. So, let’s first change our mindset. Let’s all DECIDE that our goals are worth pursuing and achieving and we will get out of our own way. We will complete something and we will live our dreams. If you need to take some time to work on your mindset, then now is the time. Don’t take bad habits into 2019. Leave them here in 2018 by doing something different. If you need help with your mindset, see a life coach. Take action. Notice the trend here... ACTION. We can only achieve by doing. That’s why faith without work is dead. Its not going anywhere fast. But we can change and change today by starting with these 3 simple steps.

1. Set your goals now by writing them down. We often have these great ideas for our life but we never write them down. How can we achieve something we don’t see? So, let’s commit to writing them down. If you’re like me, I have a ton of journals and notebooks. Take out or purchase a fresh notebook, (you can find really cute ones for under $5 in Marshall’s and Home Goods), and start brainstorming. What do you want your life to look like a year from now? What areas of your life need some work or a tune up? You can start off by separating the areas by mental, physical, spiritual, work or business, family, financial, and travel. I think these will be enough sections to get you started.

2. Create a plan of attack. Now that you know what your goals are, how long will it take you to achieve them? Began to narrow down how long it will take you to achieve them until you have a way to do something towards these goals daily. Having small goals each day makes it a lot easier to achieve your goals instead of trying to reach all of your goals in one day. This will give you victories each day that will not only help you in achieving what you set out to do, but it will also build your confidence and help you to take more risks. Want to lose weight? You can’t lose 30 pounds in one day. But you can make sure you have 30 minutes of exercise each day to help you reach your goal. Want to write a book? It may be easier to write for 30 minutes a day than to take a whole day to write. You see where I’m going with this? Of course, you do because you’re awesome 😊

3. Start Now!!! Work now creates habits later. Now that you have your plan together and you’re excited, start now!! Don’t do all of that work only to allow your notebook to collect dust until the end of 2019 when you find it again. Take action!! You got this because you are armed with a plan and you made it easy on yourself by putting it into bite size pieces. You created action steps to take daily so do it. And please, if you miss a day or have a day where you feel like “I’m not doing a doggone thing”, its ok. Include resting as part of your plan. But get back in the game. Don’t take a lot of time off because your goals are important to you. Take a day but keep it moving. You’ll be ready for 2019 before its here. Now go forth and be great!!

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