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Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Working from home can be so distracting sometimes. We can wake up at the last minute, dress how we want, cook when we want, take naps when we want. I mean the distractions and feeling the need to do everything but work are endless. But there is a way to stay on track and remain focused when working from home. Let’s chat about a few ways that we can actually get work done at home without the distractions.

1. Set your environment up to support you. Take a look at your desk arrangement. Do you have the right mousepad to make it comfortable for you to work? What about the right chair? Are there papers all over your desk? You may need a file folder and other organizational equipment so that it is easier to find what you need and have the tools you need to ensure you are comfortable when working.

2. Take 10 minutes a day before and after work to declutter. Clear away any unnecessary paperwork and put pens and other tools back in their place. Another great thing to do is to take time to write out your accomplishments for that day as well as plan and review your goals for the next day. Always keep track of your accomplishments so that you can get a feeling of fulfillment as well as tracking what to put on your next evaluation. The things you do daily play a key part in your next promotion so make sure to keep track of your daily accomplishments and note when you went above and beyond.

3. Set boundaries with your family and yourself. Use focus hours on your phone to keep you away from distracting apps like social media and casual shopping sites like Amazon. This helps a lot when you are time blocking and it sets a boundary for you. Let your family know about your focus time as well so you can avoid non-emergency chit chat. Use your break time or after work for casual conversations. This will help you to stay productive and exercise your boundaries.

4. Listen to music instead of watching your favorite shows. Use your off time for tv so that you can give your work your true focus and attention. A lot of times we make mistakes with work because we were busy watching our shows. Listen to instrumental music like lo-fi music to help remove distractions. Sometimes when we listen to our favorite playlist, we get lost singing the songs and remembering what the songs remind us of. Try instrumental music to help you focus.

5. Schedule in breaks for clarity. Do NOT work through lunch and make sure that you are taking time from your work. Breaks help you to clear your mind and refocus on your tasks. To help you remember to take breaks, set a timer on your phone.

6. Eat lunch away from your desk. Again, you need clarity and a space to release some tension. Be intentional about leaving your work desk and spending time away just for you during your lunch break. You still have to give space for you even when you are working. Use this time to decompress, relax, and refocus to finish the day out strong.

Remember that you have to practice these tips until they become a habit. It may take some time, but each tip will help you to be more productive and more focused when working from home. If you need help with refocusing and setting and pursuing goals that move you to a life you desire, book a complimentary discovery call with me and let’s discuss how I can help you to get to a life you love. Visit for more information.

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