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5 Things You Should Do On Your First Date

First dates are always great. It’s your chance to make a great first impression and get out of your pajamas for a while. But it also brings those jitters where you almost feel clumsy or maybe you’re afraid that you’ll say something corny. If you do, so what! Your date is just as nervous as you are so its ok to be a little awkward. I remember a date I had with a guy that I met online and he was angry at me for wearing heels. He said, “Didn’t you read my profile?!!”. I said “Of course I thought you said you were 5’7”. My bad!!”. Yeah, well he was more like 5’5” and I’m 5’2” so when I put my heels on, we were the same height. I can’t believe how angry he was about the heels. Well, maybe it was more about us being the same height when I had the heels on. Needless to say, we only had that one date and it was so awkward after that. But I don’t want you to go through that. I want your first date to be enjoyable and also an experience you can learn from whether it goes great or goes south. Check 5 things you should do for your first date.

1. Be authentically YOU!! Don’t try to impress them but be yourself. When you start off forcing yourself to be something that you’re not, you’ll have to continue that throughout the relationship. You’re not fake so why fake it? If you don’t love football, say it. Don’t try to force a connection where there is none. Do you like to eat? Eat!! I do not order salads on first dates to appear cute or dainty. I will eat steak and whatever else and I will not be cute about it because that’s who I am. So just be yourself!

2. Choose a venue where you can easily communicate. Movies are not a good first date because you have to be quiet throughout the movie and it doesn’t give you a chance to get to know each other. A better choice would be dinner, Paint Nite, coffee, or just walking. These are activities that you can do together and it involves communicating. Communication is the foundation of any great relationship.

3. Ask questions that will reveal their character. What is his relationship like with other women in his life? Does he have a great relationship with his mom? Is he a great friend? Is he a compulsive spender? These are questions that reveal the type of person he is. Of course, you may want to phrase them differently, but you understand what I am saying right? These types of questions will determine how he will be in a relationship even if it’s just a friendship.

4. Don’t be aggressive. When a date is going very well, sometimes you may have a tendency to go overboard. For instance, during the date, you may have already planned the wedding in your mind. Maybe you’re looking for a title already or have told your bestie that he’s your new bae over a quick text. Fight the urge to do that. You want to get to know them first and determine if they are even a possibility. You usually meet a person at their best selves initially so remember that on this date. Take it slow and don’t rush it.

5. Have fun!! By this being the first date, whether you make a connection or not, you want to have fun. When it is over, then you can decide if it is worth moving on to a second date. Don’t fake it otherwise if you continue dating, you’ll have to fake it all the time. So, enjoy yourself. You didn’t get out of those pj’s to have a bad time, did you? Of course not! By all means, enjoy this moment for what its worth. It is only the beginning.

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